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Under the umbrella of our parent company, Bloomington Security Solutions, we are able to provide our customers with custom access control systems. Together we create effective security solutions that are smarter, safer, and more versatile for our valued customers.

About Our Parent Company, Bloomington Security Solutions

Bloomington Security Solutions began in 1964 as “Bloomington Lock and Safe.” Family owned and operated, they have been serving the Twin Cities metro with the highest caliber security and locksmithing services. As a commercial security company, Bloomington Security Solutions offers regional businesses and organizations everything from simple re-keys or safecracking to complex security installations. Bloomington Security Solutions offers services which include installing keyless access systems, phone entry systems, commercial door hardware, master key systems, providing safe delivery and installation, re-keys, and much more.

Reliable Access Control Systems in the Twin Cities

Whether it’s a push button lock, an electronic stand-alone system or an expanded networked access system, Bloomington Security Solutions and Minneapolis Lock & Key represent industry-leading manufacturers and offers a wide array of solutions to fit all applications. We offer a comprehensive line that rivals any in the industry including, but not limited to: proximity cards, FOBs, and the latest in biometrics and smart card technologies. From single door access control to an enterprise level commercial door entry system, we’ve got you covered.

With decades of experience working with commercial property managers, business owners, and property maintenance professionals all around the Twin Cities, we understand a thing or two about access control systems. It’s our job to provide you with security solutions that make your day to day work easier and safer. When you call us, you can rest assured we will provide the following:

  • Advanced security technology
  • Complete access reporting and tracking
  • Full installation and maintenance options
  • Comprehensive customer support and training

The Benefits of Custom Access Control Systems

  • Protect Your Customers
    Keep your valued customers safe at your commercial establishment. From keeping intruders out to securing volatile or classified items and beyond, customer safety is a top concern.
  • Protect Your Tenants
    There are a lot of moving parts within a multi-family property, and an access control system keeps people safe and secure.
  • Protect Your Employees
    When proper access control is executed at your business it gives your employees clear expectations and a full understanding of your procedures.
  • Project Your Property
    An access control system from Bloomington Security Solutions leverages advanced technology to protect your property from intruders, internal threats, and other potential security breaches.
  • Protect Your Business
    You gain control of your business’ security with access control. Maintain compliance requirements, safety protocols, and protect your investment.

Minneapolis Lock & Key is proud to partner with Bloomington Security Solutions to provide custom security solutions and expert locksmithing throughout the Twin Cities. To learn more about how we can help secure and protect your building or property, please contact us today!

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