Whether you’re looking for added security for your place of business, church, or multi-tenant building, you want to keep everyone inside as safe as possible. In the digital age, keeping your home or business secure is easier than ever. Mobile surveillance apps combine modern technology with camera surveillance to give you access to the cameras that keep your business tenants safe no matter where you are.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key in Minnesota, we offer a wide range of camera surveillance options to give you the security you need. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of mobile surveillance.


How Mobile Surveillance Apps Work

A surveillance camera system is one of the best ways to keep your building safe. It serves as a deterrent to crime, reminding criminals that they’re being watched. It can also record events as they take place so that you have a real record of what transpired.


Mobile surveillance apps give you access to your surveillance cameras no matter what the time of day or where you are. This means that even when you’re out of town, you can simply log into your phone or other device and check your mobile surveillance app. With these apps, you can see what’s going on anywhere you have surveillance with only the click of a button.


Commercial Security Benefits

For businesses, mobile surveillance apps can offer a wide range of benefits. When employees know they are under surveillance, they are far more likely to be productive. You are also less likely to experience employee-based loss or spillage.


For multi-family rentals as well as commercial businesses and organizations, mobile apps can save money. Mobile surveillance helps reduce overhead because your organization may not need to spend as much of your budget on security personnel. Because it is easily installed, you can get a system up and running in a short time and easily control who has access.


Minneapolis Residential and Commercial Security Company

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