When it comes to protecting your church from intruders, it’s important to err on the side of caution. Although you want to expect the best of everyone, the truth is that you have an obligation to protect your church and the assets inside.


The experts at Minneapolis Lock and Key understand the complex needs of both large and small church organizations. Therefore, we offer a wide range of security options and can help you make the best choice whether you are looking for surveillance systems or locks. This helpful guide will walk you through some of the basic steps you can take to keep your church safe and secure.


Alarm Systems

An alarm system is fundamental when it comes to church security. The loss or damage due to break-ins can be extensive, and your staff and church members need to feel safe when they are on the premises.


With our state-of-the-art alarm systems, you can develop a security protocol for any event. From detecting intruders on the church premises to alerting you in case of glass breakage, we’ve got you covered.


Our alarms systems also include these options:

●        Motion detectors

●        Window sensors

●        Door sensors

●        Low/High-Temperature sensors

●        Panic Buttons


Intelligent Key Systems

Intelligent key systems offer a way to retrofit smart functions into your existing lock hardware to give your building specific access control. This gives your staff the ability to implement and follow powerful security protocols that will keep everyone inside safe and secure.


Intelligent keys are unable to be duplicated by anyone who does not have high-level access. Additionally, they can be programmed for remote use by connecting them to wireless devices.


Video Surveillance

Having good video surveillance is one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to keeping your congregation safe and secure. Video surveillance functions as a first line defense by deterring criminals. It also helps police and investigators stand a better chance at tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice after a crime is committed.


We also offer video analytics and monitoring to keep your church safe from potential threats. Your security team and staff can also monitor the safety of your church by logging onto our wireless surveillance applications. 


Minneapolis Commercial Security Company

When it comes to protecting your church and congregation, you need to do everything in your power to keep them safe. That’s something we understand better than anyone at Minneapolis Lock and Key. Keep your church building, staff, and congregation safe by installing the right systems and training your staff and security team with appropriate protocols.


Our security professionals can help you make the best decisions when it comes to security. While we’re there, we can also help with safe installation to keep your most precious documents and assets safe. To learn more about how we can help keep your church safe, give us a call at 612.823.8148, or contact us to learn more.