Preserving vintage locks.

This Russwin brand locking hardware had been secured onto a homeowner’s front door with duct tape for 15 years before our technicians restored it to full functionality.


lock restoration

Inside the body of the lock is the patent date of April 19, 1904.


Antique door hardware is often a treasure that distinguishes historical buildings, but with use and wear these beautiful old locksets can lose functionality.


With our professional locksmiths, those wanting to preserve a building’s historical significance don’t have to sacrifice functionality to keep the old-world look of their door hardware.


Our technicians recently repaired a Russwin-brand lock, patented in 1904, which for 15 years had been attached to the customer’s front door with duct tape. The homeowners had relied on a more modern deadbolt to secure their home, making the Russwin lockset more of a decoration greeting guests than a safety device.


Our technicians diligently cleaned and repaired the locking mechanism even custom manufacturing a needed part in the shop. Their efforts fully restored the lock’s functionality, and they rekeyed it to work with the customer’s existing keys.


The homeowners were pleased with the quality of the repair and happy to remove the duct tape to regain use of their original lock.


If your lock hardware has become more of an attractive accessory than a functioning lock, give us a call at 612-823-8148, and we can help you preserve history. We have a full team of locksmiths ready to serve you, with options of working directly at your site or in either of our full-service shops, located at 4448 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis and in Bloomington at 9905 Lyndale Avenue South.