Your front door is your business’s first line of defense against intrusion. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right lock for the type of protection and access you need. But with all of the options available out there on the market today, choosing the right lock for your business can feel a bit overwhelming.


At Minneapolis Lock & Key, you can count on our commercial locksmithing services to offer a complete range of high-performance security and lock solutions for your business. In this post, we’re breaking down everything you need to know to choose the best lock for your Twin Cities operation. To check out our locks or discuss which solution would work best for your company, give our locksmiths a call today.

Choosing a Commercial Door Lock

The best lock for another business may not be the best lock for yours. To decide which will work out best for your business or organization, start by understanding the available options. If you don’t have any special access control issues, a conventional commercial deadbolt or another type of low-tech lock may work just fine. You should also decide how much you’re able to set aside in your budget for a commercial lock.


If you’re running a small business and you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need a lot of fancy features. Your best bet is to opt for a quality commercial lock based on durability. If you’re going to be storing a lot of merchandise or valuables, however, you’ll want a higher-grade commercial lock.

Consider a Master Key System

If your facility involves several different lock users and doors with locks, you may need a master key system. At its most basic, a master key system uses multiple keys to open one lock and allows a master key to be used with different locks on your premises. For larger businesses that need to give direct access to many areas to management and janitorial staff, master key systems are a must. Instead of carrying keys to every part of a building, a simple master key or grandmaster key gives staff access to multiple locks.


A master key system helps limit access to secure areas so you always know who has access to a given space. They also allow a business owner or manager to decide which employees have access to different areas or all areas of the building or premises.

Consider a Smart Lock

One of the biggest innovations in commercial door locks over the past few years is the widespread availability of smart locks. And the great news about smart locks is that they’re constantly improving with new innovations and better software.


A smart lock connects to the Internet through an organization’s wifi, giving administrators access to the lock system from anywhere at any time. You can even use your phone to lock or unlock your door remotely for contractors or employees. A newer feature for some smart locks is the addition of biometrics, making it easier than ever to track exactly who has access and when they come and go from your facility.


These are just some of the features available with some smart locks:


●        Geofencing (remote lock and unlock feature based on user’s location)

●        Smartphone alerts

●        Voice control via apps like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa

●        Access logs

●        Tamper alarms

●        DIY rekeying

●        Shareable electronic keys

Decide if Your Door Frame Needs an Upgrade

While you’re looking into commercial locks, you may wish to upgrade your current door frame at the same time. Weak doors are common points of vulnerability for a business, and even if you have a good lock, a broken door frame could give criminals access to your facility.


Here are some signs your door frame needs to be replaced:


●        Broken hinges

●        Bent hinges

●        Door frame gaps

●        Damaged hardware

●        Previous break-in attempts

●        Aging hardware

●        Holes or dents

Consider a Steel Door

Another way to upgrade your security when replacing your commercial door lock is with a steel commercial door. Unlike wood or fiberglass doors, a hollow steel door and frame will not become weathered or warped due to weather over time. You’ll also experience better energy efficiency thanks to the weathertight fit of your door and frame.


And steel doors are lightweight enough that they’re easy to use but highly resistant to impacts that could cause dents, cracks, and other damage to traditional wood doors. This makes them practically impenetrable. You can also choose the look of your lock to match the decor of your business including the metal and finish.

Your Trusted Minneapolis Commercial Locksmithing Services

When you need a new lock or locks for your Twin Cities area business, our expert locksmiths at Minneapolis Lock & Key are here to help. We offer a complete range of commercial locksmithing and security services for all types of businesses and organizations.


Whether you need locks for a church, nonprofit, retail store, or office building, we’ll work with your budget to help you create a security plan that works for your organization. Check out our showroom, give us a call at 612.823.8148, or contact us online to discuss your security needs today.