It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Minnesota retail establishments. As holiday shopping increases, most companies are getting in new stock and bringing in new staff to try to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. But there’s someone else who loves the holiday season just as much as business owners do: criminals.


With the holidays upon us, it’s more important than ever to take extra steps to protect your business, customers, and employees from unsavory elements trying to take advantage. And one of the best ways to protect your business and everyone in it is with alarm monitoring service from Minneapolis Lock & Key.


In this post, we’re breaking down some of the best things you can do to protect your business this holiday season as well as some of the top benefits of an alarm monitoring system. To learn more about alarm monitoring service for your company, give us a call today.

First Things First: Employee Safety

Before you do anything else, it’s important to make sure all of your employees are on board with the extra safety measures you’ll be taking this holiday season. Schedule a staff meeting or send out information to all of your employees and ask everyone to sign on. First, be sure everyone in your store knows not to obstruct security cameras and sensors when they’re setting up holiday displays or decorating.


Next, make sure all of your employees understand all of the security measures you’re using and how they’ll be affected. For example, if you’re installing cameras, show everyone where they are and let them know they’ll be monitored to keep your staff safe. This can also give your organization added protection against holiday shrinkage from seasonal employees. Additionally, letting your staff know they’ll be under surveillance gives them an added sense of protection in case there’s an unruly customer.


Then make sure your staff understands how to safely store their personal belongings during their shift as well as any security measures for handling high-priced items or cash. Finally, be sure to cover any emergency procedures so they know exactly how to respond if there’s a robbery or a violent incident in your store.

Assess Your Store’s Security System

Your store’s security plan is made up of everything that’s meant to protect your merchandise and everyone in your store. Before the holidays kick off, it’s always a good idea to assess your store’s security and determine any areas of need. Additionally, take the time to make sure all of your security equipment is connected and functioning as it should. For a complete security assessment, you can call our team at Minneapolis Lock & Key to go over your security plan and make recommendations.


These are some of the security measures you should consider using in your store:


●        Alarm system monitoring

●        Safe upgrades

●        Lock hardware upgrades

●        Panic buttons

●        Smart locks

●        Access control

●        Video surveillance

Benefits of an Alarm Monitoring System

With a commercial alarm monitoring system, you’ll get around-the-clock surveillance throughout the holiday season. When combined with a surveillance camera, you’ll get complete protection and monitoring of your store traffic, employee activities, deliveries, and more.


Here are some of the main benefits of an alarm monitoring system during the holidays:

1.    Alarm triggers from temporary employees get caught fast.

During the holiday season, most retail establishments hire additional temporary help to fill the demand for workers. However, employee theft can account for almost ⅓ of inventory shrinkage during the holidays. Many of those seasonal employees work at lower wages and don’t have the same type of loyalty to your company as your full-time employees do. That’s why it’s more important than ever to monitor when employees come and go from your store.

2.    Employees can get instant assistance in an emergency. 

With employees staying at your store later to keep up with holiday shopping patterns, they can become vulnerable during these late hours. An alarm monitoring system means employees can connect with an emergency operator instantly when they need emergency help, reducing your liability and store loss vulnerability while protecting your employees at the same time.

3.    Your insurance may go down.

Many commercial insurance policies offer rate reductions for retail establishments with alarm systems and monitoring services. Talk to your insurance agent about whether rates are available for alarm monitoring.

4.    Alarms can scare off criminals.

An alarm monitoring system gives you the peace of mind to know that someone is there keeping an eye on your alarm no matter what. But the alarm itself can also be an extremely powerful deterrent. Most thieves are looking for an easy score and aren’t eager to tangle with security officers or police. Once they hear that alarm system get triggered, they’re likely to take off fast, especially when your 24/7 alarm service stickers are visible.

Get Your Twin Cities Alarm Monitoring System

Don’t leave your profit to chance this holiday season. At Minneapolis Lock & Key, we offer a complete range of commercial security solutions for your Twin Cities business. To learn more, check out our showroom, connect with our team by calling 612.823.8148, or contact us online today.