It can happen to the best of us, and it often happens at the worst possible moment. Maybe you just arrived home after a long day of shopping and you accidentally lock yourself out.  Perhaps you lost your keychain or there’s been an emergency and you need to send a friend over to check on your home. No matter what the reason, when you need to get in your house fast, a spare key can be pretty handy to have. The only problem? Stowing that key so it’s accessible when you need it without leaving it in a spot your friendly neighborhood burglar can easily find.


In this post from the lock rekey pros at Minneapolis Lock & Key, we’re exploring some of the best ideas for stashing the spare key to your home. And don’t forget to add our lock rekey services to your emergency contacts for the next time you’re locked out without a spare!

Do You Need a Spare Key?

Even if you never lose your keys and you’re the most organized person on the block, it’s a good idea to have a spare stashed neatly away for emergencies. That way, if you’re ever away from home and someone else needs to get into your house, you’ll just need to tell them where to look.

How to Not Lose Your Keys

Some of the best advice for managing your spare key is to avoid having to use it if at all possible. Of course, some people are incredibly organized and never lose their keys. But there are some of us out there who just can’t seem to keep track of them, which can lead to disaster at the most inopportune moments. If you’re one of those people, there’s hope for you yet.


Before getting into key-stashing suggestions, we’ve put together a few suggestions for helping you keep track of your keys from day to day:

1.    Be Consistent

No matter where you keep your keys, be sure to place them in the same location every time. When you come home after a long day at work and you’re completely worn out, it can be tempting to just toss your keys on the counter or leave them in your coat pocket. But get into the habit of putting them away the right way every time and you’ll be far less likely to lose them.

2.    Keep Them Away from Kids

It might seem obvious that you’d want to keep your keys out of reach of small, curious hands, since many young children, especially toddlers, love keys, and since keys can be a choking hazard. But what many parents and sitters alike eventually learn is that little people can be incredibly crafty when it comes to out-of-reach places. When you have young children around, keep your keys out of sight and out of mind if at all possible.

3.    Don’t Underestimate Your Pet

Of course, there’s probably not much of a chance that your calico cat is going to abscond with your keychain. But an individual key or a small set could easily be picked up by a small dog or cat, and even larger keys can look like fun toys to a pet of ample size like a large mastiff. Always be aware of your pets when putting your keys away.

Avoid These Questionable Stash Spots

Now that you’ve found a safe spot to keep your keys from day to day, it’s time to think about where you want to hide that emergency key. Avoid stashing your key in an obvious spot. These are some of the most common places to hide a stash key, and burglars are just as likely to know about them as you are:


●        Over the door frame

●        Under your doormat

●        Under a garden stone

●        In a “hide-a-key” rock

●        Under a flowerpot


And finally, resist the temptation to stash a spare key in your wallet. If your wallet is stolen, you’ve just given thieves your address and a ticket in the front door!

Finding a Good Hiding Spot

Wherever you choose to stash your spare key, be sure to tell someone you trust so you don’t forget where you stashed it. No matter where you stash your key, consider using a “keytainer” or another type of small container like a clean and empty pill bottle or mint box. Here are a few of our top suggestions for good places to hide your spare key:


●        Hidden on a Tree: It might sound unusual, but hiding your key on a nearby tree is actually an excellent idea. After all, how many burglars are going to check the oak tree in your backyard for a spare? Just grab a hammer and nail that key to a spot that you’ll be sure to remember.


●        Behind the Door Knocker: Consider adding a decorative door knocker that can be easily removed in an emergency. Before installing, tape the key to the back of the knocker.


●        With a Trusted Neighbor: If you’ve been living in your neighborhood for a few years and you’ve gotten to know the neighbors pretty well, giving a key to the neighbor is a good idea. Just remember that if it’s your only spare and they aren’t around, you’ll still be locked out.


●        Behind a Fake Socket Cover: You can order a fake exterior socket cover online that’s meant for stashing keys. For added security, hide it on the back of your house.


●        Inside the Doghouse: If the dog wasn’t enough of a deterrent, chances are slim that a potential burglar is going to check around inside your doghouse for a spare key when there are easier targets on the block.

Minnesota Key Creation Services

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