There’s nothing quite like the convenience of being able to order something you want online and have it delivered directly to your home. Thanks to online stores like Amazon, a shopper can place an order online and have it delivered to their home in about a day or two.


But sometimes, staying home and waiting for that package to arrive isn’t possible so we’re left with a choice. Do we ask the neighbors to keep an eye out for our package? Is it safe to leave our new purchases just sitting on the porch all day until we finally make it home? And if you’ve ever had a package get lost or stolen, you know firsthand exactly how risky it is to let a package just sit on your porch.


Thankfully, you can put all of those concerns aside with a mail delivery box from Minneapolis Lock & Key. In this post, we’re breaking down the benefits of a delivery box for Minnesota homeowners. To order yours, contact our residential locksmithing services today!

1.   Convenience

If concerns about being around to accept a package have kept you from shopping online, a delivery box can be a game-changer. With a delivery box, you can order anything you want online without having to plan your day around a delivery or worry about a missed delivery.


And if you’ve ever received a “missed delivery” notification from the post office, you know how frustrating it can be. When you receive one of these notices, the only way to get your package is to drive to the post office and wait in line. If your schedule doesn’t fit with post office hours, it’s just too bad.


But when you have a delivery box, your home is able to accept packages every day of the week no matter what time it is. Even if no one is home, you can rest assured that your package will be safely stored away until you are.

2.   Weatherproofing

The excitement of opening a new package is one of those universal experiences that almost everyone shares. You peel the tape back and start to unwrap the package, eager to check out your new purchase. But what if the prize inside the box is a wet, mildewed item?


Rain, humidity, and heat are unpredictable factors that can easily damage your merchandise when packages are left outside in the elements. A soggy day can damage your package, and you may not be able to return the item since the damage happened after delivery. With a mail delivery box, you don’t have to worry about your package staying clean and dry after it reaches your home.

3.   Shop and Save Any Time

Knowing that you can accept a package whenever it’s delivered means you don’t have to worry about scheduling delivery or paying extra for this service. And you don’t have to make sure someone will be available to pick up your package.


And with an optional insulation package, you can schedule more than just package delivery. Have your grocery order or fast food delivery dropped off and ready for you when you get home.

4.   Contact-Free Delivery

With health concerns at the forefront of many minds these days, mail delivery boxes offer an easy way to experience contact-free delivery. But health issues aren’t the only benefit of contact-free delivery.


Any busy parent or remote worker can attest to the frustration of having a delivery arrive at the least convenient time. With a delivery box on your porch, you can finish cooking that meal or wrap up that Zoom meeting knowing your delivery will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

5.   Theft Prevention

During the height of the pandemic, online sales started to hit record highs. For porch bandits who make a career out of ripping off deliveries, it was Christmas all year long.


Unfortunately, no matter how low-crime a neighborhood is on paper, no home is completely safe from package thefts. That’s because package thieves are good at what they do, and they know that the nicer the area, the bigger their payoff will probably be.


To make matters worse, most homeowners use some fairly low-tech methods for hiding packages with delivery notes like “Place behind bushes.” It may be hard to believe, but most thieves are clever enough to outwit these advanced security measures.


One of the reasons thieves love package theft is because it’s fast and easy. They’re not looking for a challenge. Instead, they want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. That’s why a delivery box is the best way to thwart a package thief. These sturdy, secure boxes keep your parcels stowed away safely, making a quick and dirty getaway impossible.

Order Your Minnesota Delivery Box

Are you missing out on the opportunity to shop online because you’re worried about package delivery? At Minneapolis Lock & Key, we provide a complete range of residential locksmithing services including safe services, lock rekey services, and delivery box installation.


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