Protect your package deliveries with a weather-resistant smart delivery box from Minneapolis Lock & Key. With a Yale Smart Delivery Box, your packages will be safe until you arrive home to retrieve them. Contact us to order a lockable package box today for your Twin Cities home.


Our lockable delivery boxes are:


➢       Secure

➢       Contactless

➢       Durable

➢       Attractive

Using a Yale Smart Delivery Box

The Yale Smart Delivery Box is designed to be placed on your front porch or outside your home where your packages are typically delivered. To use smart delivery box services, simply download the Yale Access app and create an account. Follow the guide to set up your Yale smart delivery box account. 


Your package drop box will remain unlocked until your delivery is received. After your delivery service drops your package inside the box and closes the lid, your smart box will lock automatically, securing your delivery until you arrive home.


Choose from Brighton or Kent styles for your parcel delivery box. Each box comes with a smart lock, Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, and box base.


Features available with a Yale Smart Delivery Box:


●        Wi-Fi Access: Use the Yale app to access your deliveries and control your smart delivery box from anywhere. After setting up the lock using your app, use the app to control the lock. Or use your box with a voice assistant like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.


●        Keypad: With the keypad, simply set up a pin to allow friends and family to unlock your delivery box.


●        Delivery Notifications: When your delivery is made, you’ll receive immediate notification.


●        Insulation: Protect perishable deliveries with an insulated cooler.


●        Added Protection: For added security, tether your smart box or add sand, gravel, or bricks to weigh it down.


●        Automatic Lock: After delivery, the box will lock automatically.


●        Battery Alert: Your battery should last around six months. Your app will alert you when the battery is low.


●        Safety Features: To keep children and pets safe, the box is vented and includes a glowing release button inside and an exterior latch.

Benefits of a Lockable Package Box

Often called “porch pirates,” delivery thieves wait for delivery trucks to sneak in and steal packages while their owners are at work or away from home. If you’re busy around the house or miss a delivery, your packages will be safely concealed until you’re ready to retrieve them.


This roomy package drop box is designed to accommodate most packages according to the average package delivery service. It’s also perfect for receiving contactless delivery.

Order an Anti-Theft Package Box Today

At Minneapolis Lock & Key, our residential security and locksmithing experts are committed to helping Twin Cities residents protect their homes and property. If you’re tired of disappearing or weather-damaged packages, stop by our Minneapolis Lock & Key showroom to check out our smart delivery boxes. Order your lockable delivery box by calling 612.823.8148 or connect with us online today.