The holidays are upon us at last, and there’s little that’s more exciting than ordering packages for loved ones to place under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, while delivery drivers get busy bringing holiday cheer, package thieves get busy making plans to grab easy loot from front porches across the country. Every year, millions of packages are stolen, costing shoppers in terms of both money and time.


If the fear of package thieves keeps you from taking advantage of great online holiday deals, we’ve got a perfect solution here at Minneapolis Lock & Key: a smart delivery box. As your trusted Twin Cities residential security company, we’re committed to helping homeowners protect their property. Here’s what you need to know about how they work and how you can get one for your home.

Stolen Holiday Cheer

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard stories from friends or on the local news. So-called “porch pirates” have the gall to walk right up to homes and take packages with no regard for what’s inside or the individuals they’re hurting in the process. During the past year, the pandemic has led to more online purchases than ever before.


Here are a few fast facts on package theft:


●        More than a billion packages are delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.

●        The majority of homeowners will receive at least one package over the holidays.

●        Most packages are stolen in broad daylight.

●        Package thieves take advantage of homeowners while they’re at work or out.

●        The average value of stolen packages is between $50 and $100.

●        Package theft increases during the holidays.

Saving Your Gifts

Homeowners who worry about becoming victims of thieves are often willing to try anything, even rearranging their schedules to make sure they’re home for a delivery. Concern about stolen deliveries can also cause shoppers to skip online purchases altogether.


Although cameras and neighborhood watches may deter package theft, a simple web search will reveal countless videos of package thefts caught on camera. However, smart delivery boxes offer a proven alternative to traditional theft deterrents, keeping your packages safely tucked away from criminals.

Damaged Package Prevention

Package theft isn’t the only concern when it comes to package delivery. Another major concern is that your packages will become damaged due to inclement weather. Even if your packages are stashed out of sight, rain, snow, and animals can all threaten the integrity of your deliveries. However, a smart delivery box offers a safe place to store them until you get home.

Yale Smart Delivery Box

A smart delivery box is a locking storage box designed specifically for package delivery. Smart delivery boxes harness the power of modern wifi technology to give you the assurance that your packages will be safely delivered and locked away every time.


With a smart delivery box, you’ll receive real-time notifications when your deliveries are made. The Yale Smart Delivery Box works with the Yale Access App. With this app, users are able to remotely lock or unlock their delivery box from anywhere in the world. The app also allows users to access their delivery history.


In addition to the Yale Access App, users can also unlock or lock their boxes using smart apps like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. If you receive perishable deliveries, a cooler insert can be purchased to use with your smart delivery box.


Here are a few benefits of the Yale Smart Delivery Box:


●        Accept deliveries when you’re away from home

●        Get weather-resistant package protection

●        Keep perishables safe

●        Conceal packages

●        Receive contactless delivery

●        Attractive design

●        Fits most packages

●        Sets up in less than ten minutes

Smart Keypad Upgrade

In addition to the smart delivery box, Yale offers a Yale Smart Keypad upgrade. With the smart keypad, you can share codes with trusted friends and family or add your code for delivery personnel if you won’t be near a phone. To change your code after a package is delivered, simply use your Yale Access App to change or delete your delivery code.

Attractive Design

The simple, elegant design of Yale smart boxes complements the exterior of all types of homes and siding colors. Yale smart boxes are available in Carbon Brown or Manor Gray finishes. Check out our samples and choose the smart box that works best with your home exterior design.

Protect Your Deliveries with our Twin Cities Residential Security Company

Dealing with stolen or missing packages during the holiday season can steal the magic right out of the holiday season. An investment in a protective smart delivery box is an investment in your peace of mind. When you add a smart box to your front porch, you never have to worry about seeking a replacement or refund for a missing item that was supposedly delivered. You’ll know right away when packages arrive with a simple notification on your phone.


To check out our smart delivery boxes, visit our showroom. Order yours in time for online holiday shopping by calling us at 612.823.8148, or connect with us on the web to get the peace of mind you need to shop online safely.