At Minneapolis Lock & Key, we specialize in providing innovative security solutions for residential buildings within the Twin Cities area. Sometimes we encounter security problems that require a completely new perspective. That’s what happened when we were approached recently by a 12-unit condo association with a unique problem. Tenacious individuals had been forcing open the door by spreading the frame just enough to have the residential grade latch bypass the strike.


When we’re approached with these kinds of challenges, we love putting our heads together to offer better security solutions. In this post, we’ll share how we increased security to reduce forced entry and create a more secure residence for the condo association.

It All Begins With an Astragal

Do you know what an astragal is? Astragal is just another name for the cover that sits on the fixed side of double doors to cover the gap between the doors. Not only do they look good and seal the space between the doors, but they can also be used to secure the doors. Security astragals are meant to prevent tampering, prying, and door manipulation. They can play a vital role in securing double doors at their most vulnerable spot. Without a secure astragal, the door can be spread apart and forced open.


To boost security, we installed a commercial leverset with a high-security restricted cylinder and keys along with a full height interlocking latch guard. The “U” channel latch guard mounts on the door interlocked with an “L” bracket mounted on the frame.

Improved Security and Safety

When upgrading a door, it’s a good time to think about exit devices. While installing this astragal upgrade, we replaced the other two exit door locks with exit devices. Crash bars or panic bars help to reduce the risk of forced entry while aiding in emergency egress.

Signs of Door Trouble

Often when a multi-tenant residence is vulnerable to intrusion, the problem can go overlooked, placing residents’ safety and property at risk.


If you have any of the following vulnerabilities, you should have your door repaired to protect your residents:


●        Broken or bent hinges

●        Outdated hardware

●        Rusted, drooping frame

●        Gaps between frame and door

Customizable Door Hardware

If you’re ready to upgrade your doors, we install steel commercial doors that can be completely customized to the needs of your facilities. We offer a wide range of hardware solutions including continuous hinges, power closers, and locks. We can also provide electrical or mechanical hardware including ADA-compliant door operators.

Benefits of Steel Commercial Doors

Steel is the most durable and powerful option for securing any multi-family building. It also looks great and is available in a wide range of modern designs. With new steel doors, you’ll notice improved energy efficiency that can help to bring down costs in your building. Older wood doors offer little protection from the weather outside and often allow heat to transfer. Replacing your doors gives you an airtight seal that helps to bring down energy costs and reduce your building’s energy footprint.


Steel doors are also resistant to impact, making them safer against intrusion. With our hollow metal steel, you’ll enjoy greater impact resistance at a cost-effective price point. And unlike wood or glass doors, they’re far less vulnerable to breaking and damage.

Twin Cities Multi-Family Security

We specialize in creating custom solutions for multi-family residences throughout the Twin Cities area. We’re experienced at building relationships and working closely with property owners and managers, HOAs, and multi-family project managers. Our security professionals will work with you to fill your security gaps from a full-scale security system to simple door repair in partnership with our commercial division. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to securing properties.


We work with all of the following:

●        Condo associations

●        Apartment complexes of all sizes

●        Senior living centers

●        Homeowner associations

Additional Security Solutions

In addition to improved door security, we offer a wide range of security features to help protect your residential multi-tenant building. We can assess your current door and security vulnerabilities and make recommendations based on your greatest concerns.


These are just a few of the ways we can help secure your facilities:

●      Commercial Alarm System Installation and Monitoring

Through Assured Security, we offer complete alarm system installation and monitoring including motion detectors, low-temperature and high-temperature sensors, window sensors, door sensors, glass break detectors, and more.

●      Analog and IP Camera Surveillance

Our commercial division offers video surveillance to help protect your residents and prevent burglaries, break-ins, vandalism, and other unwanted criminal activity.

●      Access Control Systems

Alongside our commercial division Assured Security, we can offer access control systems including master key systems, commercial door hardware, keyless access systems, and phone entry systems. We also offer safe and reliable delivery and installation of rekeys and lock replacement.

Secure Your Doors with Twin Cities Multi-Family Security Services

Are you a property manager looking for security solutions for your multi-family residence? We can help you secure your doors with service Twin Cities residents have counted on for more than a century.


To learn more about our door security solutions, stop by and visit our showroom or connect with our residential locksmith services by calling 612.823.8148. You can also contact us online to discuss concerns about your building’s security needs.