Buying a new home can be a long process, but it’s always exciting. After months of searching for just the right home, you finally find the place you can imagine yourself in. Logistically speaking, finding the right home is just the first of many steps in the process of buying and moving into a new home.


Between getting approved for a loan, packing, moving in, and getting settled, don’t forget to prioritize your home’s security. Although it’s exciting to get presented your key for the first time, don’t assume your home will be secure. In this post, our experts at Minneapolis Lock & Key will discuss the relationship between home security and residential locksmithing services. Read on to learn how to make your new Twin Cities home more secure.

Changing Your Locks or Rekeying

Before you start to think about furniture placement or curtain patterns, home security should be your top priority. Think about it like this: when you get a key to a new home or car, one of your first tasks is to make copies of that key so you can have a spare. Chances are good that the previous occupants had the same thought and made copies of their keys as well.


There’s also a fair chance that someone in the home’s history gave a copy of their keys to people living outside of their home including friends, extended family, neighbors, or contractors. There’s really no way to know how many keys to your property are out there in the world. The only way to be truly sure that your home is secure is by starting fresh with a new key or new lock.

Replacing Your Locks

Perhaps the biggest deciding factor when choosing to replace your locks or rekey them is budget. Changing your locks is more costly and more involved than rekeying. This is because the original lock will need to be completely removed and replaced with a new model. The great thing about choosing to replace your locks is that you can be confident you’ve chosen secure locks you can trust. If you have concerns about the security or strength of your home’s existing locks, replacement is your best bet.

Rekeying Your Home

If you move into a home that already has fairly secure locks, you’ll still need to rekey your home. This is the only way to be certain there are no extra copies of keys to your home in the hands of someone you don’t want entering. When you call a residential security company to rekey your locks, they will alter the tumbler or force a new key exchange so the old keys are no longer valid.

When to Rekey or Change Your Locks

As soon as you learn you’re going to close on a home, it’s a good idea to contact a residential locksmithing company and schedule an appointment for a lock change or rekey. The day after clothing is an ideal time to call and schedule your lock change. Call right away ahead to schedule your appointment so the locksmith has time to prepare your new locks and cut the new keys for your home. This helps to cut time from the installation so you can move on with your life and start thinking about important things like where to hang your HDTV. Waiting until the day after closing gives you time to change plans if something should come up to delay the closing process.

Getting Ready to Change Your Locks

Before you contact a locksmith, it’s important to get all the information they’ll need. This helps the process to go more smoothly and allows the locksmith to help you make important decisions about your new keys or locks.


Here are a few things to consider:

1.    Type of Locks

Take a walk around your home and examine all of the locks. Note the type and brand of locks and the types of doors they are on. Make note if the lock is built into the knob or if the lock is a deadbolt. Do you feel they could be more secure? You may even consider taking photos to share with your locksmith.

2.    Number of Locks

Count the number of doors that have locks and share keys. Are there places where you would like to add a more secure lock? Would you prefer to have several locks use the same key rather than separate keys? Don’t forget siding doors, garage doors, and patio doors.

3.    Security of Locks

Communicate any security concerns with your locksmith. If you feel there is an area of particular concern, your locksmith can help you choose a better lock to increase security.

4.    Cost of Investment

Finally, you’ll need to communicate with your locksmith company about your budget for new locks. A professional residential locksmithing company can help you make the best investment for your home’s security needs.

Schedule Your Twin Cities Lock Rekey Services

Are you in the process of purchasing a new home or have you recently moved? Keep your family safe by making sure your locks are secure. At Minneapolis Lock & Key, we can help you assess the condition of your doors and locks and recommend the best approach to home lock security.


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