Most of us are guilty of improperly storing important documents or valuables. It’s all too easy to stash birth certificates and other key documents in a filing cabinet or a storage box. When homeowners do use safes to store their valuables, they frequently postpone upgrading them when they become inadequate or too small for their needs. The unfortunate truth is that the unexpected can happen at any time, which is why it’s important to protect your valuables with a quality safe that fits everything you need to store.


Deciding which safe is the best fit for your home can be challenging, but our safe sales team at Minneapolis Lock & Key can help you choose the right safe for your individual needs. In this post, we’ll talk about choosing the right safe for your home or upgrading your current safe and discuss the available options. Give us a call to learn more about our Twin Cities safe installation services.

The Importance of Professional Safe Installation Services

When it comes to home security and fire safes, quality matters. These days, cheap safes are available all over the Internet through wholesalers that don’t offer personal safe installation services. When you purchase a safe, you need to know it will work for the emergency it’s meant to work for.


Without the benefit of professional fire safe installation and services, the only way to know if your safe will truly stack up to the hype is in the event of an actual emergency. Rather than risking your valuables and important documents, it’s better to work with an experienced local safe company that stands by their product and safe installation. At Minneapolis Lock & Key, we have been building our reputation for quality locksmithing since 1915.

Choosing the Right Safe

Although a safe might seem like a pretty simple device, it’s much more than just a reinforced metal box. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right safe for your home.


Homeowners typically weigh their safe storage needs against their budget when making a decision. When in doubt, it’s always better to err on the side of purchasing a larger safe than you think you need. More than likely, you’ll end up needing to store more in your safe down the road than you do today. This is one of the most common reasons for a safe upgrade. It’s also common to start out with a safe that barely meets your needs and upgrade down the road.


These are some of the most common reasons your safe may need to be upgraded:

●        The value of your safe contents has increased to exceed the protection of the safe.

●        Fire rating is too low.

●        The type of safe is inappropriate for its contents.

Floor Safes

Floor safes are one of the most common safes for storing valuables in residential homes. They can easily be concealed under furniture or a rug. These safes are manufactured to prevent burglars from stealing your valuables. If your primary concern is preventing theft, a floor safe is a safe bet.


However, floor safes that are not typically fire-rated and as such will not prevent your documents or valuables from being destroyed in a fire. Heat can enter a floor safe quickly, destroying any documents inside almost instantly in the event of a fire. A professional safe sales team can help you assess fire safety and determine if a floor safe is right for you.

Wall Safes

When you see safes on television or in the movies, they’re almost invariably wall safes. Wall safes can be concealed behind art or furniture. For homeowners concerned with hiding prescription medications safely out of reach, wall safes are a good choice.


They’re also good for storing some valuables and important documents in the short-term. However, not all wall safes are highly rated for fire. Much like floor safes, it’s important to discuss fire rating with your safe sales team and find a wall safe that’s rated for your needs.

Fire Safe Installation and Services

When it comes to fire rating, the fire itself isn’t the only threat to the contents of your safe. Smoke and fire extinguishers can destroy your property, and water from a sprinkler system or firefighting equipment can get into the safe and destroy any paperwork.


You’ll need at least an hour of fire-rated safety to adequately protect what’s inside your safe. If you’re looking at two safe options, it’s always better to choose the safe with the highest fire rating. Fire rating is absolutely key to protecting birth certificates, legal documents, and other important documentation. A fire seal on the door is necessary to completely seal off the door and prevent fire from getting into the safe. The fire seal works by expanding to completely seal off the door, keeping water and smoke out and protecting what’s inside.

Gun Safes

If your family owns guns, a gun safe is a necessity. Like floor and wall safes for storing valuables, gun owners often purchase one type of gun safe only to realize they need more space down the road. If you plan to purchase more guns in the future, you’ll want to make sure you have room to add to your collection safely.


There’s also a chance you’ll want to store additional items in your gun safe. Experts recommend choosing a gun safe that’s about 1.5 times bigger than what you think you need. Many gun safes come with adjustable storage inside. A gun safe sales associate can go over your gun collection with you and recommend the best fit for your storage needs.

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