There’s nothing quite like coming home at the end of a long day. The whole drive home, you’re looking forward to kicking back with a nice, relaxing cup of your favorite beverage and finally putting up your feet for a well-deserved break.


But if you put your key in the lock and it breaks off, your plans can go south fast. Thankfully, at Minneapolis Lock and Key, our emergency locksmithing services are there to save the day wherever a key is broken or a lock is jammed. Read on to learn all about handling a broken key.

When Keys Break

It’s a terrible feeling when a key breaks off in a lock. But most of the time, you can’t say you didn’t see it coming if you really think it through. One of the main reasons keys end up breaking off in locks is homeowners becoming complacent about difficult locks or key damage.


Over time, all keys can end up developing normal wear and tear, or perhaps they end up getting bent just slightly. When you start to have trouble opening the lock, it’s not uncommon to work out a little “trick” to opening it. Maybe you have to twist the key in a certain direction or lift up on the door handle, but eventually, the key always opens the lock—that is, of course, until the day it doesn’t.

Handling a Broken Key

There’s never really a good time for a key to break off in a lock. When you turn that key and it snaps off or becomes hopelessly stuck, you’re never on the side of the door you want to be on. Before you take a rock to your window and break into your own home, there is a better way to handle the problem.


Here’s what to do for a jammed key:


●        Try finessing it with a pair of tweezers.

●        Gently turn it with needle-nosed pliers.

●        Try using WD-40 or another spray lubricant around the part of the key that’s stuck.

Avoid Causing More Damage

What you don’t want to do when trying to remove a stuck key is to make things worse or end up causing serious damage to the lock. Whatever you do, don’t try to muscle the job. You’ll want to exercise patience as forcing the key could end up causing it to snap off entirely. Be careful not to push the key further into the lock, especially once it breaks off.


Avoid using any of these common DIY pitfalls that could cause more harm than good to your lock:


●        Scissors

●        Hair pins

●        Super glue

●        Drills

Consider Lock Replacement

Since most keys break or jam due to wear and tear, it may be worth considering a complete lock replacement. The pins inside your tumbler lock can end up getting worn down over time, causing damage to the key. If this happens, a simple key replacement will only result in future problems down the road. It’s better to completely replace the lock.


However, your problem may simply be due to normal wear on the key’s teeth from many years of use. Your locksmith can identify the source of the problem and make the best recommendation for your home.


We offer the following services at Minneapolis Lock and Key:


●        Key Removal Service- If you’ve got half a key jammed in a lock, we can take it out for you so you can use the lock again with a new key. We use specialized equipment to help us remove broken keys without causing additional damage to the lock.


●        New Key Creation- We can replace that broken key with a new one or assist if you’ve lost your keys entirely.


●        Lock Repair- If your old lock has become damaged or broken over time, we can make repairs to get it working again. We can also recommend a better lock if it’s nearing the end of its lifespan.


●        Lock Rekey Service- Rather than completely replacing a lock when you move, we can rekey your existing lock to save you the trouble of completely replacing the lock.


●        Car Lockout Help- In addition to residential locksmithing services, we can also help you when you’re locked out of your ride for a lower rate than most car dealerships cost.



Contact Our Twin Cities Residential Locksmithing Services for Your Key Emergencies

The best way to handle a broken or jammed key is to avoid it to begin with. If you’ve got a lock that requires a special approach to get it opened or you have to fight with your key, it’s probably a sign it’s time for lock replacement or rekey service.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key, we’re a residential locksmithing company with more than a century of experience in handling residential lock emergencies. Stop by our showroom or connect with our residential key creation services by calling 612.823.8148. You can also contact us on the web to schedule your lock replacement and rekey services today.