When you think of a burglar, what comes to mind? In old-fashioned cartoons and movies, burglars were caricatures of sneaky fellows with masks over their eyes who could be easily thwarted with a bit of slapstick. But in reality, the thought of a home invasion is anything but amusing. To most Twin Cities homeowners, the idea of having someone break into our homes and threaten the safety of our families is downright terrifying.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key in Minnesota, we believe that knowledge is power when it comes to preventing crime in your home. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how most break-ins occur and what you can do to deter criminals from targeting your home.


Here are a few fast facts about break-ins:


1.      They Happen in Broad Daylight.

Although break-ins can happen anytime, they’re more likely to occur during the middle of the day. It seems a bit counterintuitive to imagine burglars breaking into homes without the cover of night, but most burglaries take place between noon and four in the afternoon.


If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Most burglars want to be in and out of your home with whatever stolen goods they can get their hands on, and they don’t want to encounter any trouble. During the day, many homeowners are away at work, making neighborhoods quiet and free from prying eyes. It also makes your home a perfect target if you’re not around.


2.      They’re More Likely to Happen in Rural States.

Have you ever heard someone say they’re thinking of moving to the country where it’s safer? You may be surprised to learn that busy cities aren’t the biggest targets for burglaries.


Perhaps it’s the number of people around to serve as witnesses, but the busiest metropolitan hubs like California and New York experience far fewer burglaries than rural states such as Oklahoma or Arkansas. But the truth is that anywhere you go, burglary is a risk, even in our lovely Twin Cities.


3.      Burglars Love the Summer Months.

Just as daytime is the preferred time of day for burglaries, the summer months are the most common time for break-ins. There are probably a few factors that contribute to this.

First, if criminals tend to use daylight hours to break into homes, it stands to reason that they’d commit more crimes when the days are longer during the summer. Most homeowners also stay out longer and take vacations during the summer months, leaving their homes vulnerable to break-ins.


4.      Burglars Tend to Target the Bedroom First.

When burglars break into your home, they’re not going after the biggest items. They want to take things that are highly valuable and easy to carry. Practically speaking, it’s easier to sneak around with a pocket full of jewelry than a big-screen television set. It’s also much easier to hide smaller items.


Many homeowners keep their cash and jewelry in their bedroom drawers, making a convenient target for seasoned burglars. That’s why it’s important to protect your valuables by keeping them in a safe rated to withstand burglary and fires.


5.      Burglary Costs More Than What’s Stolen.

When burglars are successful, they can make off with thousands of dollars in stolen items and cash. For most working families, that theft can sting, costing money they didn’t have to lose to begin with.


But the cost is usually far beyond what was stolen. Burglars can end up damaging the property they don’t steal during the theft. Worse, your peace of mind and sense of security is shattered knowing that someone has been inside your home and violated your safety.


Steps to Preventing Burglaries

The best way to prevent burglaries is to take precautions. It’s important to remember that most burglars don’t want to take an unnecessary risk. They’re looking for an easy target where they can get in a home and right back out again as fast as possible. When they come across a home that isn’t easy to break into, they tend to move on to someone else’s place where they won’t have to work as hard.


Here are a few ways you can protect your home:


●        Keep your doors locked even if you’re home.

●        Stay especially vigilant during warm weather and longer days.

●        Install a safe to protect your valuables.

●        Rekey your locks when you lose a key.

●        Upgrade your locks for added security.


Twin Cities Residential Locksmithing You Can Trust

Don’t take a chance with your family’s safety. Property can be replaced, but your peace of mind and the security of knowing your family is safe can’t be once it’s been taken from you. Burglars love an easy target, but you don’t have to be one.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key, we can help you upgrade your locks so burglars will move on to an easier target. We can also help you choose the right safe for protecting important documents, valuables, and more.  Connect with our residential locksmith services professionals by calling 612.823.8148, or contact us to discuss lock updates for your Twin Cities home.