The holidays are here, and most Twin Cities residents are getting into the spirit of the season from hanging twinkling holiday lights to bringing home gifts for our families to enjoy. But lurking underneath all of that holiday merriment is something far less joyful: the increase in crime that accompanies the holidays each year. While most of us are celebrating good times with our friends and loved ones, criminals are getting ready to target our homes in many parts of the Twin Cities.


There are several reasons for the increase in crime, including the number of residents that travel and leave their homes for the holidays to the chance to steal expensive gifts. No matter what the reason, crime is always senseless, but thankfully, there is something we can do to deter it. In this post, our experts at Minneapolis Lock and Key will explain why you shouldn’t take a chance with your home’s security this holiday season.


Follow this advice to protect your home through the holidays this year:


1.      Install a Lock With Connectivity

Installing a professional electronic lock in your home is a great first line of defense against intruders. Your front door is the main point of entry for your home, and installing a smart lock on your home’s entrance gives you a higher level of protection when you’re away from home.


With an electronic lock system, you’ll have the power to control your lock from anywhere in the world using your phone or another digitally connected device. That means if you plan on having someone stop by to water your plants or check your property, you don’t have to worry about making an extra key which can be lost, and you can double-check your lock once they’re gone.


1.      Let the Police Know You’ll Be Traveling

This simple step is one of the least practiced but simplest ways to protect your home while you’re gone. Letting your local police department know that you’ll be gone so they’ll be on the alert if anyone shows up who shouldn’t be there.


While it doesn’t guarantee that your home will be crime-free while you’re out of town, it will alert the local authorities so that if something does occur, they can let you know right away. There’s also a chance your local patrol will keep a more watchful eye if they drive past your home.


2.      Ask the Post Office to Hold Deliveries and Mail

Thieves and burglars are known to target properties where they won’t have to work very hard to pull off a crime. One sight thieves love to see is mail piled up in a mailbox or newspapers stacked up on the driveway. This is like a bright neon sign transmitting to the neighborhood that you’re out of town and your home is open season.


If you plan to be gone for more than a couple of days, take a few minutes to alert the post office to hold your mail. You should also have someone check your home for packages that may arrive while you’re gone.


3.      Don’t Advertise You’re Traveling

It’s exciting to share your vacation pics with friends and loved ones online, but be very careful when using social media. Many of us have folks on our friends list that we don’t know well in real life, and not everyone can be trusted.


Openly stating how long you’ll be gone on vacation and when you plan to return can open your home up to the threat of a break-in. The same can be true for posting Christmas vacation pics if it’s clear you’re far from home. Only post pics while you’re traveling if you’re completely sure your home is secure.


4.      Use a Safe to Store Your Valuables

When you’re traveling, there’s a good chance you’re wise enough to keep your valuables stashed out of sight. But it’s a common mistake to expect everything you have at home will be secure without taking extra precautions. Be sure to put away any weapons, valuable electronic equipment, and jewelry when you’re gone.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key, we offer a wide range of safe solutions including burglary safes and fire safes. Even if your home is broken into or catches fire, you’ll be able to preserve important valuables and irreplaceable documents.


Protect Your Home With Our Minnesota Residential Locksmithing Services

There’s nothing more important than family, and that’s why one of the best gifts you can give yours this holiday season is to protect them from crime and vandalism. At Minneapolis Lock and Key, we can conduct a security assessment in your home and determine if any locks need to be replaced to help you secure your doors. We’ll also recommend additional security features including safes, alarm systems, surveillance, and more to create a personal security plan suited to your home and family. Visit our locksmithing and residential security showroom or call us at 612.823.8148. You can also contact us on the web to learn more about our residential locksmithing services.