We’ve all been there before. You’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and, while caught in the chaos of daily living, you end up locked out of your home. Fortunately, if you have the number of a good locksmith on hand, that disaster can be easily dealt with.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key, we specialize in providing locksmith services for Twin Cities homeowners. If you can think of a residential or auto key-related emergency, we’ve got experience with handling it. In this article, our experienced residential locksmith team talks about how we can help you solve the top key emergencies.


When the Unexpected Happens

People have been using locks for thousands of years, which means more than likely, the history of the key-related emergency dates back for hundreds of years, as well. Locksmithing as a profession has been around for four millennia A.D., and they’ve been helping people with emergencies as long as they’ve been crafting highly secure locks.


Here are a few of the most common emergencies our residential locksmithing company sees:


1.      Lost Keys - Most people keep a spare house key on hand, but if you haven’t had one made yet and you happen to lose your key, you’re going to have a rough time locking your house. It’s also likely enough that your spare key is locked inside your home when you lose your set of keys.


If you lose your house key and need to get into your home right away, don’t panic and start breaking windows. And we promise the credit card trick you’ve seen in movies won’t save you. Just call a professional locksmith and have a new key made.


2.      Rekey or Replacement Lock Emergencies - Unfortunately, sometimes situations arise where someone who formerly had access to a residence should no longer be on the premises. In these situations, you may need the lock replaced immediately. When we rekey a lock, we use the existing lock and simply change the key needed to access the door. Or we can replace the lock entirely and add a much more secure solution for added peace of mind.


3.      Broken Keys - If you’ve ever had to contend with a key that no longer fit well, you’ve flirted with the possibility of a broken key getting stuck in your lock. What happens is that the old key doesn’t quite fit right anymore after becoming gradually damaged over the years.


Often, homeowners find they can force the key to work if they finesse it a bit, twisting it slightly in one direction or using force in another while pulling on the door. But every time you jam that key in there, you’re damaging it further until the day comes when it finally breaks in the lock. The best solution is to avoid this problem entirely by replacing the difficult key before it gets broken, but if you find yourself in a pickle, a locksmith can save the day.


4.      Home Security Emergencies - No one wants to think about the possibility that their home could be burglarized. But unfortunately, home security emergencies do happen, and when they do, it’s a good idea to step up the security immediately in your home.


This prevents the bad guys from coming back, and it also helps your family to feel more secure and safe once more. We provide comprehensive security services from alarm systems to surveillance to help you feel safe in your own home again.


Minneapolis Lock and Key Residential Locksmithing Company Helps With Emergencies

At Minneapolis Lock and Key, we’ve been helping Minnesota residents with home security and locksmithing emergencies for more than a century. In business since 1915, helping keep Twin Cities residents safe and secure is what we excel at.


We offer emergency services including:

●        Rekey services for your home or business

●        Key creation from high-security keys to antique locks

●        Broken key removal services

●        Automotive locksmithing

●        Lockouts

●        Alarm and surveillance installation


Contact Our Twin Cities Residential Lock Repair Service

Protecting homeowners and making their lives easier is where we excel at Minneapolis Lock and Key. We offer a wide range of solutions to help you through the emergencies you didn’t plan for.


Life happens, but by programming our number into your phone for emergencies, you’ll have help on the way fast when you need it.  Speak with our residential locksmith services team by calling us at 612.823.8148, or contact us to learn more about our home security and locksmithing solutions.