As a commercial business owner or manager in the Twin Cities area, keeping your organization and property safe and secure is probably at the top of your priority list. One of the best ways to keep your property, employees, and customers safe is by implementing a comprehensive security plan. A good security plan may include surveillance installation, an alarm system, and access control. One more piece of the security puzzle is your key system.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key, we provide Minnesota businesses with high-performance master key systems. In this post, we’ll discuss how a master key system works to protect your business.


What is a Master Key System?

A master key system is perfect for a business with different rooms and different levels of responsibility among the staff. With a master key system, some keys are able to open a certain number of doors, typically based on the authority level and need of the person in charge of those keys. This allows an organization to limit the number of keys in circulation among the staff. This can be beneficial for both management-level personnel and security.


Grandmaster and Submaster System

The master key system works by designating different levels of masters based on access needs. This multi-level access is ideal for many types of commercial and institutional operations. A basic level system includes both master and sub-master keys. The highest level of master key is called a “great grandmaster.” For a four-level system, you would also have a grandmaster level. The primary benefit of this system is not having to keep track of a large number of keys at any given time. But the master key system is for far more than just simplification.


Master Keys Allow Access Control

If you’re concerned about making sure the right employees have access to the right rooms or buildings, a master key system may be the answer to your needs. A master key system allows administrators complete control over all areas of the property. That means employees who require complete access can have keys that offer this while at the same time limiting access to those who only require partial access. They also prevent unauthorized duplication for high-security areas so you know exactly who has access to every area of the building or grounds.


There are several main benefits to using a master key system, including these:

●        Added security

●        Flexibility

●        Convenience


An Affordable Security Solution

One of the main benefits of implementing a master key system is its affordability as a security option. It allows you to have complete control over exactly which staff members have access to a space. Without a master key system, it can be difficult to keep track of the number of keys floating around. If someone loses a key, you can replace it, but there is always the concern about those keys ending up in the wrong hands unless you change all of the locks. With a master key system, however, you can have the individual lock rekeyed instead of changing all of them. You can also change your access so that several of your buildings or doors have access using the same master key.


Ideal for Multi-Tenant Buildings

For anyone who is responsible for a multi-tenant building, you understand the unique security challenges presented by having many tenants with access to a building. Integrating a master key system into your space can help add an extra layer of security by limiting access to certain areas. At the same time, you’re able to completely control who has access to which doors and buildings. Property managers and facility custodians can all have different levels of access.


When a tenant moves out, the lock to that tenant’s apartment can easily be rekeyed. We can also keep a record of the complete system on file, and if needed, we can rekey everything easily.


Master Key Systems for Larger Organizations

A master key system is an ideal solution for larger businesses where varying levels of hierarchical access are needed. This way, you’re able to grant complete access to upper-level management and security officers or agents.


However, you’ll also be able to limit access for lower-level employees to only the areas they need to use regularly. When a security event does take place, tracking which personnel had access to a certain room or area of the facility is much easier with a master key system.


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