Keeping your commercial business safe starts with protecting access points. One of the most common mistakes business owners make is thinking that an alarm system or video surveillance is enough to protect an establishment from intruders. While both alarms and video monitoring are important protections for a business, their ability to protect your property is only as good as the door on your facility. Inadequate access control can make it easy for intruders to breach your security and get in and out before the alarm can inform anyone.


At Minneapolis Lock and Key, our commercial security experts understand that some things can’t be replaced. Here’s how our custom steel doors work to protect your business.


1.      Minimize Deterioration that Allows Easy Intrusion

Doors with damage are an invitation to burglars and vandals. Aging doors and certain materials are far more susceptible to damage. Some of the most common damage we see includes dents, holes, frame gaps, outdated or broken hardware, damaged hinges, and a drooping frame.


We offer weatherstripping and commercial door repair services for existing doors as part of our commercial security services. However, installing new steel is a strong and reliable way to protect your business for many years to come.


2.      Resist Damage from Impact

Commercial steel doors are impact-resistant in a way other door materials are not. Our steel doors are manufactured from hollow metal, making them lightweight and cost-effective. Their hollow quality also makes them more resistant to impact solid steel doors.


Solid steel doors are susceptible to dents, cracks, and breaks, while hollow doors are able to absorb impact and disperse it. This protects your establishment from vandalism, storm damage, and damage from attempts at intrusion.


3.      Protect Your Building from Weather

Intruders and vandals aren’t the only threats you need to worry about. A quality commercial steel door will protect your operation from the elements while saving you significantly on your monthly utility bills. Steel is much more effective than older doors and weaker materials when it comes to preventing heat loss and protecting against water and air infiltration. In fact, all of our steel doors go through a galvanizing process to protect against rust.


4.      Customize Your Hardware for Added Security

When installing your new steel door, we can help you customize your door to meet the needs of your facility or organization. We can install custom locks, continuous hinges, power closers, and other non-mechanical hardware. We can also help you make your steel door accessible by installing electrical hardware, including ADA-compliant door operators.


Twin Cities Commercial Security Company

The success of your business begins with your operation’s front door. With a custom steel door from our Twin Cities security experts, you’ll have the peace of mind to focus on more important things like your bottom line.


Talk to our commercial security experts at Minneapolis Lock and Key to learn more about our hardware options for your steel door. Or give us a call to learn how we can help upgrade your existing doors and hardware. Connect with our commercial security and locksmithing team by calling us at 612.823.8148, or contact us to discuss your options.