If you’re in charge of security for your commercial office or establishment, your commercial door is your first line of defense against intruders. A steel entry door looks attractive while protecting your establishment against inclement weather as well. But if your commercial door is damaged or aging, your security and safety are compromised. 


At Minneapolis Lock and Key, one of the ways we help you protect your commercial property is by offering the superior protection of steel commercial doors. We also provide commercial door repair. That’s why we’ve put together this post to help you determine if it’s time to repair your commercial door. 


  1. Is there rust on your door?

If you’ve noticed rust anywhere on your commercial door, you might be tempted to ignore it. But don’t be too dismissive of rust because can indicate a more significant structural problem with your door. Rust is a process that worsens over time, which is why regular maintenance to your commercial door can prevent its progression. 


If your commercial door has rust either around the hinges or the door frame, repairing it before it becomes a more serious problem may be integral to protecting your business.


  1. Is your door watertight?

A commercial door that isn’t watertight can cause a number of problems. First, it can lead to water damage within your commercial building when strong weather occurs. But a leaky door or moisture around your door frame can also mean your commercial is not airtight as well. 


Air infiltration can create added energy expenses and increase your carbon footprint. Our commercial door experts can identify the source of the problem and create a watertight seal to protect your clients and business.


  1. Does it require a “special touch” to open?

We’ve all experienced that door that requires a special touch to get open. If some members of your staff struggle more than others when opening your door, it may mean it’s time for door repair. A good commercial door should not require a special trick or magic touch to open up the first time. 


  1. Is there a gap in the door frame? 

A gap in the door frame means your door isn’t airtight or watertight. This could raise your energy expenses and create possible damage down the road. 


It also creates a possible security threat. We can eliminate that door gap with weather stripping, lowering your energy costs and increasing safety. If the gap is too large, we may also recommend a more appropriate door for your needs. 


  1. Is the hardware damaged?

Damaged hardware on your commercial door is a security risk no one should permit. If you’ve got any kind of damage to your lock or the hardware on your door hinges or lock, we can repair it so your commercial business is safe and secure once more. 


Twin Cities Security Door Hardware Installations

Securing your commercial business is our area of expertise at Minneapolis Lock and Key, and a key to protecting your business is a strong and reliable door. Whether you’re looking for new commercial door installation or you’re in need of repair, we can help meet the specific security needs of your business or organization. 

We also offer electric door installation including automatic and handicapped doors as well as non-mechanical hardware such as hinges, locks, and power closers. Speak with our security door services team by calling us at 612.823.8148, or contact us to schedule your commercial door repair.