When it comes to keeping your business safe, you want to do everything you can to protect your assets. Your business has unique needs that change over time, and it’s important to change your security strategy to keep up with those changes. What worked in the past might not be the best plan of action going forward into the future.


Our commercial security experts at Minneapolis Lock and Key in Minnesota offer comprehensive security options to protect your business or organization. We’ve put together this list of important reasons you should assess and change your security strategy in 2019.


1.      Technology Updates

One thing about living in the Digital Age is technology is constantly changing. Technology upgrades offer the very best opportunity to monitor your business and keep your property safe. Whether you’ve recently upgraded your technology or you’re ready to transition to cameras that connect to the cloud, we can get you on track with the latest in tech.


2.      Business Growth

If your business grew last year, the security plan that worked for you then isn’t going to be the best option for today. We can work with you to assess the size and scope of your security needs and get you connected with a comprehensive security plan to meet your growing company’s needs.


3.      Recent Relocation

If your company relocated last year, you’ll need to assess your new location and install new cameras and technology better suited to your new space. We can take a look at your new spot and make the best recommendations for meeting the unique needs of your relocated office or store.


4.      Security Breaches

Anytime you experience a security breach, no matter how minor, you need to completely assess your security needs and make appropriate changes. We can help you evaluate your locks and keys, safes, and cameras as well as any other surveillance equipment.


5.      Changing Staff

If your organization’s staff has changed in the past year, that means you could face a potential security risk. We can help you decide what needs to change in your security plan to make sure only the right people have access to your facility and assets.

Create a New Plan with Our Minnesota Commercial Security Company

Whether you’re in charge of a large commercial warehouse or a nonprofit organization, security is central to keeping your employees and property safe. At Minneapolis Lock & Key, we are experts in commercial security from safe installation to alarms and surveillance.


Let us assess your security needs and help you develop a security plan that will take you through the coming year. Speak with our team of commercial security professionals at 612.823.8148, or contact us to learn more.